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You don't want to miss the Tampa Two-Day Investment Seminar, January 9-10, 2015. We're going to show you faster, easier, better ways to make money with VectorVest, and the "Trade Now" button is just the beginning.

Have you ever bought a good stock only to watch it drop? I sure have, but I learned that the key to increasing my winners is to buy great stocks that are rising in price, in a rising industry. Birds of a feather flock together! Not sure what that has to do with your profits? Continue Reading »

It’s here! The new VectorVest Mobile is now available for download! What’s new? MORE platforms, MORE countries and MORE subscription levels.

Yesterday, while the market was tanking, I was doing a group coaching session via webcast with our clients and here are some of the actual questions I pulled right from the chat box:
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VectorVest Video Series

Are you looking for performance? Is a 40% gain each year good enough for you? VectorVest has recently made a breakthrough discovery. In fact, we have discovered a money-making technique that is so good, we could not believe the results ourselves.

This webcast will teach you the first steps to take to be successful using VectorVest. You will learn how to Determine when it is safe to buy stocks, Quickly analyze any stock, Determine when to sell a position, and Select the best stocks to buy.
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Stocks You Should Know About
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