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The Day the Canary Died

Long before electronic smoke detectors were invented, coal miners carried caged canaries as a safety precaution while working. They knew that the canaries would die well before the level of any poisonous gases in the mine would be harmful to humans. In a similar manner, our Buy/Sell Ratio, BSR, is the VectorVest canary. It will […]

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My MoneyShow Report

I’m at the World MoneyShow in Orlando, FL and it was good to see so many old friends again. Thank you all for coming to see us.

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The Sure-Fire Success Performance Guarantee

From the reports I have received, the Tampa Two-Day Investment Seminar was a great success. I was told there was a buzz in the air and attendees were eager to learn all they could about our Sure-Fire Success, SFS, Trading Systems…and well they should have been.

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My Promise to You

As Chairman of VectorVest, Inc., I promise you that we will do everything we can to help you make money in the stock market. Our top priority is to help you make money every day of every year. That’s our job and we know we can’t be successful if you are not successful.

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