October Market Timing

For thirty years, VectorVest has been delivering portfolio-saving guidance to investors.

Warning 1

Caution — August 31, 2018

“Be very careful… this market may be peaking.”

Warning 2

September 26, 2018

VectorVest’s aggressive timing signals SELL,
“With three red lights, the Color Guard is Bearish… bias to the downside.”

Warning 3

October 4, 2018

VectorVest’s conservative timing signals SELL, warning, “…we have a Confirmed Down situation.”

Warning 3

October 5, 2018

VectorVest publishes “…likelihood of further selling ahead. Be defensive and protect your positions.”

Here’s what our customers say…

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A great scientific approach to …

“A great scientific approach to evaluating the market and individual stocks. Have actually doubled my income in a speculative part of my portfolio in just 6 months. Thanks VectorVest.” —Kevin K.

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I finally found a resource that helps

“I finally found a resource that helps cut through the noise and simplify my stock picking and timing.” —J.B.

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One of VectorVest’s oldest customers

“I believe I am one of VectorVest oldest customers (I joined in the early 90’s). I had tremendous success with the program early on. Then due to personal things going on in my life, about seven years ago I put my stock accounts into cash and stopped trading… Finally in January of 2018 I realized I had spent all of the profits I’d made using VV years before… On Jan 10, 2018 I used VectorVest to pick High VST stocks to buy. On the last trading day of January I closed my positions at just under a $30,000 profit for the month.” — Ron L.

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