London Investor Show

For Investors. For Traders. For Market Participants.

Meet the VectorVest team at our stand No E9.

Are you an investor?  A trader?  Then you´re invited to this year's London Investor Show – in London on Friday 25th October – bringing together the stock market under one roof, for one day, and offering you an unparalleled opportunity to learn new skills, all designed to improve your investing and trading profits.


How to Easily Find Winning Shares on the LSE and AIM
11:00 AM  - 11:30 AM
by David Paul

The VectorVest Worry-Free Trading Method
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM, Main Auditorium
by David Paul


Tickets to the Investor Shows cost £25 on the door.  As part of our VectorVest network, you can claim a complimentary VIP fast-track pass, and access to one investment workshop, together worth £50.  You will receive a Welcome Pack with special offers and free samples, and your own edition of the London Investor Show Event Guide, containing full exhibitor and speaker listings, and programme details for the event.  Use voucher code “VV2019” and book your ticket now.

Whether you are investing for the short term or have longer horizons, then a day at the London Investor Show will leave you feeling more knowledgeable, more confident and more prepared to shape your portfolio and your investment plans into the perfect vehicle for future financial security and success.

Four reasons to attend are:
  1. You will learn new skills and techniques to help maximise investing and trading profit

  2. You will meet and speak to many leading industry experts who will share their views and thoughts on the markets with you, helping you make better decisions

  3. You can spend a day immersed in the world of trading and investing – meet like-minded delegates to swap experiences and discuss ideas to help shape your own portfolioYou can meet new investment opportunitiesYou can meet new investment opportunities

  4. You can meet new investment opportunities

The London Investor Show welcomes anyone interested in safeguarding, and building, your wealth – ensuring a secure financial future for you and your family.

We look forward to welcoming you.

What’s on...

  • Exhibition hall where you can meet brokers, wealth managers, asset managers, portfolio management software providers, information providers and data services, and discover new investment and trading opportunities

  • Independent investment workshops where you can learn new skills, focused on results

  • FREE seminars covering a wide range of topics of direct relevance to today’s private investor – including those new to investing and looking for help to get started

  • CryptoCurrency Panel Session:  “CryptoCurrency.  A genuine asset class for investors?”

  • Lunchtime Summit – “Global economic outlook – and what it means for investors”

  • FREE prize draw – for all delegates, the chance to leave the London Investor Show with a prize, kindly donated by sponsors and exhibitors.  With the first prize being a trip to New York to see Wall Street!

The London Investor Show is designed specifically to provide independent training and education to private investors and active traders in the UK, supporting private individuals seeking to boost retirement income, increase income through investing, and/or make a living through trading.

Welcome back to popular speakers like David Paul, Justin Urquhart Stewart, Alpesh Patel and Rodney Hobson, who looks at how you can create your own, personal, financial plan – setting investment goals and learning how to achieve them.   And hear from new faces like Penny Haslam, Catherine Morgan and Jason Graystone.