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2018 - Master the Art of Candlestick Analysis Livestream
Jan 18, 2018 - Jan 19, 2018
Live, Video Stream
Only $795.00 USD
Call (800) 231-0110
All registrants will receive an email confirmation letter upon registration. Substitute registrants are welcome and may be named at any time prior to the event. Cancellations six or more days prior to the event will result in a full refund, less a $100.00 service charge per attendee. Cancellations within five days of the event will result in a cancellation fee of $150.

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Master the Art of Candlestick Analysis

In this all-new VectorVest course, Jerry D’Ambrosio and Steve Chappell will demonstrate the art of pairing candlesticks and other technical indicators. Like pairing a fine wine with food, you can’t just take any wine and pair it with any meal. The same applies with trading.

While single candlesticks convey valuable information about the changes in a market’s supply and demand balance, a succession of candlesticks taken together, is more pertinent as they form a pattern. These patterns become super charged when we pair them with technical indicators that complement and confirm the candlestick pattern themselves.

This course will focus on some of the most reliable candlestick patterns and technical indicators that the most successful traders utilize today. Proven techniques and step-by-step instruction make this course a must-attend event for every trader wanting professional level results in a fraction of the time.

Jerry and Steve will teach you how to prepare, plan, and think just like the pros do. You will learn how to master the extraordinary techniques developed by legendary traders along with how to balance and manage your trades for the best possible risk/reward scenarios.

Achieve the kind of success possible by enhancing expert techniques with VectorVest’s exclusive searches, ranking, and market-timing analysis.

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Day One
  09:00AM   Welcome
  09:10AM   Introduction to Candlesticks — Doji’s
  10:10AM   Lab
  10:55AM   Break
  11:10AM   Hammer and Hanging Man
  12:10PM   Lab
  12:55PM   Break
  01:40PM   Engulfing Patterns
  02:40PM   Lab
  03:25PM   Break
  03:35PM   Harami Patterns
  04:35PM   Lab
  05:20PM   Adjourn
Day Two
  09:00AM   Piercing and Cloud Patterns
  10:00AM   Lab
  10:45AM   Break
  11:00AM   White Soldiers and Black Crows
  12:00PM   Lab
  12:45PM   Adjourn
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