7 weeks to income

Options Paycheck 7 Weeks to Income, Generate 3%/month

$995 USD $1,990 You save 50%  


A complete step-by-step roadmap that shows you how to find, set-up and manage option trades to generate safe, consistent income each and every month. 

The Options JumpStarter 6 Weeks to Profitable Options Trading 

$495 USD

In the next 6-weeks, you will be able to confidently find, set-up and manage the right option trade at the right time to make money whether the market is going up or down.

Swing Trading

Swing Trading Success with VectorVest (US) 

$495 USD

Swing trading allows you to profit from short-term pullbacks and surges, within longer-term market trends. Jumping in and out of the main trend allows traders to achieve gains quickly and reduce risk.

Financial Freedom Summit Videos

$95 USD $395
You save 75%

The Financial Freedom Summit Video Set captured three extraordinary days of education on financial literacy. The videos are packed with valuable information to help you reach your financial goals faster and help you avoid pitfalls along the way.


$995 USD

How to Build and Manage a Safe Retirement Portfolio for Maximum Leverage and Maximum Monthly Cash Flow. 

Successful Investor

The Successful Investor 6 Weeks to Steady Growth

$495 USD

A complete step-by-step roadmap that shows you how to buy & sell stocks to safely and consistently grow your account by 15% per year.

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2020 Two-Day Investment Seminar

$495 USD  

We are excited to announce that we will be offering two educational tracks this year, Investors & Short-Term Traders. We have been hosting this event for 20 years, and it is fantastic. Hands-down the best value in investment education. 

Trade Like A Pro

$2,995 USD

VectorVest’s Trade Like A Pro course gives you an amazing, hands-on opportunity to master the highly successful techniques of world-famous professional traders. No guesswork. No confusion. 

VectorVest All Access Pass 

$5,500 USD $7,500 You save 27%

The All Access Pass includes VectorVest’s On-demand courses, plus all 2020 Live In-Person and Online courses. If you want to learn everything VectorVest has to offer, this is the way to get it.


Swing Trading

Swing Trading Success with VectorVest (Canada) 

$147.50 USD $295
You save 50%

Swing Traders take advantage of pullbacks that occur within the longer-term trend. Jumping in and out of the main trend allows traders to achieve gains quickly, while also reducing drawdown. 

Worry-Free Investing Seminar (Canada) 

$147.50 USD $295
You save 50%

The course will focus on three core principles, Dividends and the Power of Compounding, Capital Gains Achieved Over Time and Options for Income and Protection.


How to Become an ISA Millionaire (UK) 


Learn to Trade using the Safest Shares on the London Stock Exchange to become an ISA Millionaire.

Swing Trading

Swing Trading Success with VectorVest (UK) 


How Swing trading works is very simple. The trader takes advantage of the price swings that occur in the share market in the direction of the longer-term trend.


Opties Jumpstarter 6 weken winstgevende handel in opties

€375 $425 You save 12% 

In de loop van zes modules kunt u met een gerust hart de juiste optiehandel op het juiste moment vinden, opzetten en beheren om geld te verdienen, ongeacht of de markt stijgt of daalt.