What holds you back from financial freedom with special guest Carol Glynn. Fantastic Female Fridays

Financial Nakedness – Part 1 In the latest episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, I interviewed Carol Glynn of Conscious Finance Coaching. It’s a company based in Dubai that Carol spearheads with a view to helping her clients (who are primarily women) overcome challenges to achieve their financial dreams. She calls the work that she does [...]

Do Companies With Gender Balance Really Make More Money? – Fantastic Female Fridays | VectorVest

DO COMPANIES WITH GENDER BALANCE REALLY MAKES MORE MONEY?   It’s a pretty bold claim that boards with more gender-diverse compositions make better decisions and that leads to better business outcomes across the triple bottom line i.e. profit, planet, and people. However, what data can truly back this up?   During this episode of Fantastic [...]

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