What holds you back from financial freedom with special guest Carol Glynn. Fantastic Female Fridays

Financial Nakedness – Part 1 In the latest episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, I interviewed Carol Glynn of Conscious Finance Coaching. It’s a company based in Dubai that Carol spearheads with a view to helping her clients (who are primarily women) overcome challenges to achieve their financial dreams. She calls the work that she does [...]


It is well known that this year’s second quarter earnings are expected to be below last year’s. FactSet estimates a Q2 decline in earnings growth of 5.2%. Our Market Climate Graph clearly shows that the current, April-June, level of S&P500 EPS is lower than it was last year. So I was somewhat surprised to read [...]

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There’s a worldwide anti-establishment movement going on. The U.K. decision to exit the European Union is the latest example. A recent election in Austria manifested a groundswell of populism sweeping Europe amid the EU’s failure to deal with the ongoing economic and migrant crises. Anti-establishment candidates were recently elected to lead Rome and Turin, and [...]

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The Market in Review: June 24, 2016

Concerns surrounding the British exit (Brexit) from the European Union loomed this week, but investors tried to remain optimistic until the unexpected results sent shares into a tailspin. Stocks shot higher out of the gate in the first session of the week after polling showed that opposition for Brexit was gaining momentum. The Dow climbed [...]

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