VectorVest issued a sell warning for Carvana, before the stock collapsed!

VectorVest issued a sell warning for Carvana, before the stock collapsed, saving investors from this devastating loss. Only VectorVest issued a SELL rating for Carvana on 10/4/21 at $294.07. VectorVest calculated the value of the stock at just $37.29, alerting investors that it was extremely overvalued.   Since 10/4/21, Carvana (CVNA) has plummeted to $59.75, as [...]

The Near Perfect Indicator

Traders and investors are always searching for the Perfect Indicator. You know, the Holy Grail that never loses. How do I know? Well, I am one of those people. Sorry, but it doesn't exist. All I will say is there are technical indicators that can give you a "Trader's Edge." They are mostly trend-following indicators [...]

Augmented Reality (AR) – Leaders and Trend Setters – The ESG & Tech Show

Augmented Reality (AR) - Leaders and Trend Setters   Over time, we've seen Augmented Reality move from being a futuristic concept to having use cases in education, interior design, planning, museums, and other environments where the virtual and physical worlds overlap. As per recent Statista data, by 2024 there will be an estimated 1.7 billion [...]

What holds you back from financial freedom with special guest Carol Glynn. Fantastic Female Fridays

Financial Nakedness – Part 1 In the latest episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, I interviewed Carol Glynn of Conscious Finance Coaching. It’s a company based in Dubai that Carol spearheads intending to help her clients (who are primarily women) overcome challenges to achieve their financial dreams. She calls the work that she does “financial nakedness” [...]

How to Change the Narrative about Money with special guest Jen Hemphill – Fantastic Female Fridays

How to change the narrative about money In the latest episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, I invited Jen Hemphill as a guest to the show. Personally, I think that Jen has a lot of great wisdom to share (as evidenced in her podcast) and like me, she likes action-focused practicality and has a genuine interest [...]

Highlights of 2021- The ESG & Tech Show

Five ESG & Tech Trends that Shaped 2021 In the final episode of the, I focused on the five key trends that have defined 2021. Here is a snapshot of what we discussed: Climate fintech I think 2020 was the year that truly wanted to “shop local”. There was a sense of community, wanting to [...]

Robo-Advisor – Past and Future- ESG & Tech Show

In my most recent episode of ESG & Tech, I focused on the past and future of Robo Advisor. This is an area that has been of particular interest to me for a while now because Many argue that the traditional models of advising are broken. AUM fees favour larger accounts. Fee-based advice crowds out [...]

Fastest growing ETFs in ESG – The ESG & Tech Show

The Fastest Growing ESG ETFs in the World Younger investors think Exchange Traded Funds have always been here. However, we know that’s not the case. In fact, the first American ETF was born in 1993 and it’s one of the most traded equity instruments today; namely SPY (the S&P 500 ETF). The first European ETFs [...]

How Has the Pandemic Changed Life for Women? – Fantastic Female Fridays

The impact of COVID 19 has taken up a disproportionate amount of conversation over the past 18 months. Lots of us have been talking about how our lifestyles have changed, how the world of work needs to embrace its new normal, and the reflections we’ve had on challenging the very assumption of being in the [...]

Top VST Stocks

…Exactly When to Buy, What to Buy and When to Sell for Maximum Profit! VectorVest’s Top VST Stocks returned 81.18% over the last year, with just a 7.2% maximum drawdown. Only VectorVest's combination of top quality stocks and superior market timing can produce such high returns and low drawdown in a volatile market!   VectorVest [...]

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