Amazon Was No Surprise! VectorVest Saw It Coming!

Nobody Analyzes Stocks Like VectorVest VectorVest issued a SELL rating for AMZN on 1/20/22 at $3,033.35, with a Value of only $1,359.13 per share.   As of April 29, 2022, Amazon (AMZN) has plummeted from $3,033.25 to $2,483.00 since VectorVest's SELL rating on January 20, 2022. That’s an 18% loss in just over 3 months! [...]

Passion Meets Profits – Fantastic Female Fridays with Heidi Browning, CMO, National Hockey League

Passion Meets Profits – Fantastic Female Fridays with Heidi Browning, CMO, National Hockey League   I first met Heidi Browning when kindly invited to interview her on stage for the Sports Technology conference in Dublin. She was a highly accomplished woman, at the pinnacle of her marketing career and invested immense effort and passion into [...]

The Sticky Trends of the Stock Market with Laurie Winkless – Fantastic Female Fridays

The Sticky Trends of the Stock Market – Fantastic Female Fridays with Laurie Winkless I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Laurie Winkless, an Irish physicist,  present on stage in Wellington when I had the delightful opportunity to work with the Irish Embassy in New Zealand for St. Brigid’s Day. This is the national holiday [...]

How to Change the Narrative about Money with special guest Jen Hemphill – Fantastic Female Fridays

How to change the narrative about money In the latest episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, I invited Jen Hemphill as a guest to the show. Personally, I think that Jen has a lot of great wisdom to share (as evidenced in her podcast) and like me, she likes action-focused practicality and has a genuine interest [...]

Robo-Advisor – Past and Future- ESG & Tech Show

In my most recent episode of ESG & Tech, I focused on the past and future of Robo Advisor. This is an area that has been of particular interest to me for a while now because Many argue that the traditional models of advising are broken. AUM fees favour larger accounts. Fee-based advice crowds out [...]

VectorVest Buy and Sell Recommendations

VectorVest analyzes, sorts and ranks over 17,600 stocks every day and gives a Buy, Sell, Hold Recommendation on every stock, every day...

The 5th Secret to Making Money with VectorVest

The market is in an exciting Case 4 Bull Market Scenario in which earnings, inflation and interest rates are rising. This information is published each week.

Stocking Stuffers – 2017

We have received a number of requests for another edition of last year’s pre-Christmas essay called Stocking Stuffers. These requests were prompted by the fact that the eight stocks I recommended were up an average of 49.20% as of yesterday’s Close. That’s pretty good, but I couldn’t have done it without VectorVest. As I write [...]

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