How to Change the Narrative about Money with special guest Jen Hemphill – Fantastic Female Fridays

How to change the narrative about money In the latest episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, I invited Jen Hemphill as a guest to the show. Personally, I think that Jen has a lot of great wisdom to share (as evidenced in her podcast) and like me, she likes action-focused practicality and has a genuine interest [...]

Robo-Advisor – Past and Future- ESG & Tech Show

In my most recent episode of ESG & Tech, I focused on the past and future of Robo Advisor. This is an area that has been of particular interest to me for a while now because Many argue that the traditional models of advising are broken. AUM fees favour larger accounts. Fee-based advice crowds out [...]

VectorVest Buy and Sell Recommendations

VectorVest analyzes, sorts and ranks over 17,600 stocks every day and gives a Buy, Sell, Hold Recommendation on every stock, every day...

The Sum of All Fears

The Price of the VectorVest Composite peaked on Friday, January 26th, and stock prices crashed on eight of the next nine trading days. It bottomed on Friday, February 9th, and has rallied somewhat since then. However, it's been an up and down battle and the big money traders are worried. So, what are they worried about?

The 5th Secret to Making Money with VectorVest

The market is in an exciting Case 4 Bull Market Scenario in which earnings, inflation and interest rates are rising. This information is published each week.

Stocking Stuffers – 2017

We have received a number of requests for another edition of last year’s pre-Christmas essay called Stocking Stuffers. These requests were prompted by the fact that the eight stocks I recommended were up an average of 49.20% as of yesterday’s Close. That’s pretty good, but I couldn’t have done it without VectorVest. As I write [...]

Black Monday and The Black Swan

Monday, October 19, 1987, is a day I will never forget. The Mighty Dow crashed 508 points, 22.6%! It was a day of chaos and panic, but no surprise. I was test-marketing the VectorVest Stock Advisory at that time and our trustworthy VV DJIA warned us that the Dow was 19.4% overvalued when it closed [...]

When Oprah Loses, She Wins.

Nearly two years ago, October 23, 2015 to be exact, I wrote, “Weight Watchers, WTW, stock closed at $6.79 per share on Friday, October 16, 2015. It gapped higher in premarket trading on Monday, October 19, 2015 opening at $10.40 per share, up 53.2%. Anybody who had VectorVest RealTime could have seen this action at [...]

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