How To Short An ETF (Buying Inverse ETFs)

ETFs and shorting–maybe you know about each of these financial terms separately, but didn’t know they could be utilized together. Rather than with ordinary or “long” investing, shorting an ETF allows you to profit off of its decline in value.  And when it comes to ETFs, shorting is actually easier than you may have realized [...]

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VectorVest issued a sell warning for Carvana, before the stock collapsed!

VectorVest issued a sell warning for Carvana, before the stock collapsed, saving investors from this devastating loss. Only VectorVest issued a SELL rating for Carvana on 10/4/21 at $294.07. VectorVest calculated the value of the stock at just $37.29, alerting investors that it was extremely overvalued.   Since 10/4/21, Carvana (CVNA) has plummeted to $59.75, as [...]

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