Hot Stocks for the Dog Days of Summer |

Well, it's another month and that means another great Hot Stock Panel is here! The hustle and bustle of summertime activities could have you scrambling for the best stocks to take advantage of! Don’t fret because our All-Star Educational Staff is right here for you! Our panels have been a hit with you guys on [...]


The #1 Online Financial Freedom Summit is back! Analyzing Your Stocks | Tactical Swing Trading | Options for Income   We have exciting new information to help you put your money to work for you—to maximize profits as we put the pandemic behind us. Watch us demonstrate top-performing strategies designed for a changing market. [...]

How to get back on track with your New Years Resolutions – Fantastic Female Fridays | Recap

Are you succeeding with your New Years Resolutions or do you need a boost? In this episode of Fantastic Female Fridays, Susan talks us through: - the four key reasons that resolutions fail - three suggested stock market resolutions you can implement right now - the one key humble tech tool that can autopilot your [...]

Gain Safe Steady Income from the Market with This Systematic Approach

If you are interested in extracting serious income out of the market, the VectorVest Money Maker System is an effective systematic approach that will help you achieve your goals. Are you tired of experiencing inconsistent returns, where your hard-earned gains are ravaged by one risky bet? The VectorVest Money Maker System focuses on buying safe stocks so that you can gain serious income.

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4 Stocks that Beginner Swing Traders Should Be Watching

There are very clear parameters that define the very best swing trade stocks — and our information has identified four such current opportunities.

How to Build a Dividend Payout Ratio in VectorVest 7

On January 17, 2018 Jim Penna demonstrated a great way to find dividend paying stocks whose earnings yield exceeds their dividend yield as an indication of sustainable dividend performance.

NEW VectorVest 7 Update Released! Version 1.33

The July update to VectorVest 7 is now available! This month brings a powerful new Derby feature and continues to improve our automated trading systems. All Green Delta Derby Filter This new Derby setting filters the Derby results to only green (positive) minute deltas for the 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute delta. This filter [...]

June Update to VectorVest 7

Version 1.32 Summer is nearly here and so is the next VectorVest 7 update! This updates adds some new features to the Portfolio Genius (available in Paper Portfolios and RoboTrader!) Purchasing Window The new Purchasing Window setting allows you to setup your Portfolio Genius to purchase stocks only during specified times. Want to wait till [...]

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April Update to VectorVest 7

The April update to VectorVest 7 is here! This update includes a brand new intraday timing system, RoboTrader for all regions, and more! You will be automatically prompted to install the update in the next few days upon logging in to the VectorVest 7 program. DTI Combo Timing System We have added a brand-new intraday timing system [...]

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March 2017 Update

The March update to VectorVest is now available! This update brings many new features to our Model Portfolios and Trading Systems! You will be automatically prompted to install the update in the next few days upon logging in to the VectorVest 7 program. Trading System Viewer We have added a new feature to quickly view your entire [...]

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