February Market Timing

Finally, you don’t have to suffer through painful
market sell-offs!

The VectorVest Market Timing System and the New, Enhanced Daily Color Guard Video contain the KEY TO A SAFE RETIREMENT for you and your family.

Only VectorVest provides this critical combination of services—a Market Timing System with a 30-year track record followed by expert guidance every evening that prepares you for market plunges like the Coronavirus Sell-off.

You can attain a new level of SAFETY AND SECURITY IN RETIREMENT knowing your nest egg is protected from wild swings in the market.

Our proprietary Market Timing Indicators work together to give clear signals—critical guidance that provide clear direction for the market. This is coupled with expert daily guidance that takes you step-by-step through what the signals are telling us and how you can best be prepared.

Here’s how it works.

As early as January 17, 2020 VectorVest was already warning the Market Timing Indicators were signaling an overbought market. The mantra “keep an eye on the MTI," is often your first indication of a market top.

On February 14, 2020, VectorVest published “while our Market Timing Indicators closed higher week-over-week, they are at lower levels today than they were during the January high, this bearish divergence suggests that downside risk outweighs upside potential.”

The Enhanced Color Guard Video that evening reported the canary in the coal mine is gasping for breath here and bearish divergences are abounding—the uptrend is running out of gas.

On February 21, 2020, VectorVest went on to say, “Prudent Investors should not buy stocks at this time. Aggressive Investors and Traders should play the market with a bias to the downside.”

The Enhanced Color Guard Video that evening continued the story with… we are seeing a breakdown of the MTI… sound the alarm. Now is the time to tighten stops and protect profits. The Primary Wave is down, an important signal is being generated here.

These signals alone could have saved you thousands in your portfolio. And, that’s just this week!

What’s in it for you.

Every trading day, VectorVest provides all the guidance you need to make better investment decisions. Both through our proprietary Market Timing System and the expert market guidance that follows in our Enhanced Color Guard Video. You get clear market direction—the expert guidance that you need to be successful in the stock market.

Take John from Marco Island, Florida, a loyal VectorVest customer for 25 years. He owned a successful small business. It took a lot of time from his family. Holding onto his profits in the rally into 2007 was very important to him. He heeded VectorVest’s warning, very similar to the one outlined above, and went to cash. It saved him from the bloodbath that followed.

Still concerned after the sell-off in 2007-2008, he was gun-shy as VectorVest signaled a market bottom in March of 2009. He did some bottom-fishing with about half of his portfolio, buying only the safest stocks. He did very well, shoring up a comfortable retirement. Listen to John’s story.

What’s holding you back?

The real problem is Wall Street and the Talking Head Gurus who have repeated their lies so many times they’ve become accepted as common knowledge… “You can’t time the market, buy and hold, buy stocks on the way down and dollar cost average.” If you failed in the past, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! You have been railroaded like so many other investors by the Wall Street Machine.

You’ve probably tried another service in the past. The problem is, you never had a system that addressed the REAL PROBLEM. But now, there’s finally a NEW SOLUTION that addresses the real problemYou never had access to our proprietary Market Timing Indicators AND the expert Market Guidance that comes with them.

With VectorVest’s help, YOU CAN DO THIS! You can be successful in the stock market, in spite of Wall Street’s lies and in spite of the Talking Heads telling you to just HOLD ON, that the market will turn around—as your hard-earned profits vaporize before your eyes.

Your invitation to join the VectorVest family.

Join our group of thousands of investors who have learned how to achieve consistent success. Turn off the talking heads and leave the Wall Street bankers to fight among themselves. With VectorVest, your computer screen is the only window into the markets you will ever need.

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Why would you trust us?

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I finally found a resource that helps

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VectorVest does all the homework for you...

“VectorVest does all the homework for you. Feel a lot more confident in my trading. Love their end of day wrap ups to help to see what lies ahead for the market (VERY IMPORTANT). Helps me to take away the emotions aspect of trading.”
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  1. 30 Days of full access to VectorVest 7
  2. A FREE copy of Dr. DiLiddo’s e-Book, Stocks, Strategies & Common Sense—a $24.95 value
  3. The VectorVest Mobile App—The VectorVest Stock Advisory—a $19.99 value
  4. The Successful Investor Quick Start Course—a $95 value
  5. Successful Investing Weekly Group Coaching
  6. Training Tuesday—VectorVest 7 Navigation Series
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