Make consistent, reliable profits from the stock market

VectorVest analyzes 16,000+ stocks daily and gives a simple buy, sell, or hold rating on each

  • Buy/sell signals based on mathematical models
  • Accurate assessments of the value of 16,000+ stocks
  • Analyze stocks in seconds w/proprietary indicators
  • Free quick start course & investment coaching
  • Market timing gauge tells you when it's safe to buy
  • Watchlists of highest rated stocks across strategies
  • Automated backtesting & portfolio management
  • Free US-based live phone support

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I originally got this app as a "2nd opinion" brokerage app to determine if Robinhood's stock ratings were viable or not. I've made +27% in the past 4 months.

App Store Review
Feb 2023

I have been using VestorVest for a number of years and am averaging 30% annual returns. VectorVest is instrumental in my success.

App Store Review
Dec 2022

I've been with VectorVest +10 years and took their course that covers Spread Trading. The next 12 months I pocketed over $110,000 trading SPX only while risking only $20K at any one time.

TrustPilot Review
Sep 2021
2000 2005 2010 2015 2020
VectorVest +2,139%
S&P 500 +209%

We’ve consistently outperformed the S&P 500, achieving a 15% average annual return for two decades

And not only the S&P 500, we’ve beaten every major stock market index. Don’t just take our word for it—verify this yourself during your trial by backtesting every recommendation we've made.

Excellent set of tools... I consistently beat all my professionally managed accounts. Really can’t imagine not having them part of my daily routine.

App Store Review
Aug 2020

Using the VectorVest tools I made over $32,000 in less than two weeks on one trade. Subscribing to VectorVest is the smartest investment decision that I have made.

App Store Review
Aug 2022

With this tool I can check any stock and make the right call most of the time. It has simplified things for me. My portfolio is going gang busters.

TrustPilot Review
Jan 2022

The VectorVest Engine

The VectorVest Engine™ analyzes 16,000+ stocks every day and gives a simple buy, sell, or hold rating on each. This guidance reliably guides you on when to buy low and sell high.

30+ Years of Model Refinement
Mathematical models have been iterated upon over the past 30 years to generate consistent, reliable returns
Stock Potential Simplified
Proprietary indicators calculate and score stocks for value, safety and timing on a scale of 0-2
Analyze Stocks in Seconds
Simple indicators allow you to analyze stocks in seconds, taking the grunt work out of financial analysis
Time the Market
A market timing gauge provides an at-a-glance summary of the current market sentiment (bearish or bullish)
Rank Order Stocks
The VST indicator allows us to rank all of stocks based in the US, CA, EU, and AU markets
Your Portfolio on Autopilot
VectorVest integrates with several robotrading platforms (Tradestation, Questrade)

You can’t predict the market, but you can ride the rallies and dodge the downturns.

While it’s impossible predict the market, VectorVest alerts you to swings so quickly you’ll feel like you’re peering into the future. The chart below shows our buy and sell signals at major market turns dating back to 2000.

Mar 20, 2000 - Sell Recommendation

NASDAQ surged 400% in 5 years but crashed 78% from its peak in Oct 2002. VectorVest advised subscribers to exit the market on Mar 20, 2020, securing gains and outperforming buy-and-hold by over 226%.

Mar 17, 2003 - Buy Recommendation

The Dotcom bubble bursting led to a several year bear market. VectorVest made a buy recommendation as momentum shifted and the market rally began.

Nov 2, 2007 - Sell Recommendation

VectorVest advised investors to move to cash on Nov 11, 2007 or to begin shorting the market. Average 19% gains by mid-summer of 2008.

Mar 9, 2009 - Buy Recommendation

VectorVest sees the shift in momentum after the mortgage meltdown and makes a Buy recommendation at the start of one of the longest bull runs in market history.

Feb 21, 2020 - Sell Recommendation

Coronavirus shutdowns erased nearly 11,000 points (roughly 37%) from the DJIA. While nobody could predict the shutdowns to occur VectorVest advised investors to tighten stops and take profits on Feb 21, 2020.

Mar 25, 2020 - Buy Recommendation

VectorVest identified upward momentum and advised investors to buy stocks long, setting subscribers up for one of the fastest market recoveries in history.

Nov 22, 2021 - Sell Recommendation

Record-high inflation and increasing interest rates triggered a stock market decline. VectorVest's Nov 21, 2021, advice to shift to cash shielded its subscribers from the impact, and those who utilized its shorting tactics made gains of up to 93% in just six months.

I’ve more than doubled my Options account as of August 2021; over 100% gain. HIGHLY recommend VectorVest. Customer service is outstanding. Seminars and software, OUTSTANDING.

TrustPilot Review
Sep 2021

I have a strong and positive view of VectorVest. Joined after the crash of 2020. Long story short, I made enough money in June to December 2020 using VV to pay off a large mortgage.

App Store Review
Dec 2022

I have had very good success with VectorVest. I've made 50-60% returns annually for the last 6 years with their systems. All I can say, if you follow them to a T you will succeed.

TrustPilot Review
Sep 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are plenty of free sources of “financial advice,” oftentimes the motivation behind these suggestions are pundits working to offload undesirable stocks.

On the other hand, VectorVest’s success is aligned with our customers—your success is ours. The guidance VectorVest provides doesn’t come from pundits or institutional investors, but rather from a refined mathematical model that takes into account market timing, stock value, and stock safety. VectorVest simplifies this data to allow subscribers to confidently know when to buy and sell.

VectorVest’s investing advice is based on mathematical models that provide guidance on what to buy and what to avoid, and when to do it.

VectorVest has a mix of private investors, money managers, brokers and financial advisers using the product successfully.

The bulk of our subscribers are individual investors. They are folks that have been involved in their own businesses and want to run their own portfolios. They tend to be financially sound and they have negative experiences giving their money to money managers and brokers without much success. So they turn to VectorVest for help.

VectorVest is the only system that analyzes, sorts and ranks stocks for value, safety and timing. We created an indicator that we call the VST – the Value, Safety, Timing vector –which allows us to rank stocks from those that have the best combination of value, safety and timing to the worst. We have an analysis system where we measure 3 indicators–Relative Value, Relative Safety and Relative Timing–on a scale of 0-2, with 1 being the neutral point.

If the rating is above 1 it is favorable and if the rating is below 1 it is unfavorable. What this allows our subscribers to do is find a stock then look at Relative Value (RV), Relative Safety (RS), Relative Timing (RT), and if the indicator is above 1, they know that is favorable.

These 3 indicators also very quickly tell you a lot about the stock. Whether it is a safe, under-valued stock that’s rising in price or whether it is a risky, overvalued stock that is falling in price. This system is what allows users to analyze stocks in seconds.

VectorVest analyzes a stock's positive attributes (earnings, earnings growth, profitability) and negative attributes (interest rates, inflation) to determine its value. If the positive outweighs the negative, the value increases. Price moves towards value over time. If a stock is undervalued, its price will tend to rise over time to meet its value. If price is overvalued, its price will tend to reduce over time to meet its value.

As an investor we need to know if we should invest in a stock (where risk is involved) or invest in a safe investment such as a bond or CD (with a low-risk, fixed return). The Relative Value (RV) shows the long term price appreciation potential compared to an alternative investment into AAA corporate bonds.

Yes. While VectorVest is great at telling you when to buy, it’s also useful in knowing when to move to a cash position. For more advanced users, we also offer classes on shorting the market.

Dollar cost averaging suggests buying stocks even as they're going down in price, because hopefully the price will go back up. The problem is many stocks go down and never go back up.

We believe you should never buy a stock on the way down. Instead, we suggest waiting to buy when both the stock and the markets are going up—guidance that VectorVest provides daily. This allows you to buy low and sell high.