The Options Paycheck™️ Experience

The only implementation program of its kind that teaches the secret to generating consistent income with options. It shows you exactly how to find, set-up and manage option spreads to generate income AND how to do it safely and consistently in any market condition, so you never fear running out of money. 

We’ve used this system for years with our clients & it’s averaged an additional 3% of income per month. (That’s an extra 36% per year!)


Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For… 

You’re a dedicated, hard-working investor who’s tired of spending a lot of time & energy and not having the results to match, and is ready to create an income stream that gives you more time, money & freedom that allows you to continue living the lifestyle you enjoy & take care of the ones you love.

Whether you’re… 

  • A retiree whose lack of a steady paycheck has caused you to scale back your lifestyle and knows that the stock market is the best source of extra income
  • A corporate employee looking forward to the day you can stop working (hopefully sooner than later) and wants to build up that nest egg at a faster rate
  • A seasoned investor who wants to add another tool to your investing toolbox 

You’re in the right place and we’re going to tell you exactly how the Options Paycheck™️ Experience will give you the tools, training and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a new income stream using options. 

David Y

“I wish I had of heard of Ron Wheeler about $25,000 ago that I have spent on classes, webinars and courses. I have listened to a lot of teachers and in my opinion Ron is the best teacher of options. I have never been taught to trade options in such a mechanical way that not only is an easy method to follow, but gives you confidence that you can make the trade and if it goes against you to know exactly what to do.”

- David Y

“Prior to the course, I had no options experience at all, or how to even trade them.

After taking the Options Paycheck, I can trade several different option strategies with confidence and feel my knowledge, choices and skills have been greatly improved.

I have made back the initial investment so many times over. Even though it’s a small part of my portfolio, it’s probably the most profitable.

The course gave me a totally new avenue of income generation, which is great! I now manage a proportion of my funds in a different manner. I feel more confident that I can generate income separate from my growth portfolio. This has made me feel more relaxed about my future and more in control."

- Cam M

Cam M

By the end of this program,

you will:

  • Know exactly how calls and puts work (along with all the fancy terms) so you no longer have to fear options
  • Have clear signals telling whether to place a Bullish or a Bearish trade and when to place NO TRADE
  • Quickly identify the stocks that make the best candidates for your option income trades using a rules-based approach which frees up time in your life
  • Set-up an income trade so it gives you a 70% or better success rate. (even if you’ve never traded an option before) 
  • Have a trade management game plan in place PRIOR to placing your trade so you know how to handle any situation the market throws at you
  • Confidently enter and exit trades with your broker like a pro whether it’s your first trade or five hundredth trade
  • Implement a system that allows you to safely & consistently generate income so you can begin to live the lifestyle you want without fear you’ll run out of money

“Prior to VectorVest, I retired at age 50 after selling my business. I decided to fill the gap by getting into the market. I did some basic stock trading, but never really made any money. My trades ended up being emotionally based. I became interested in options and tried on my own. I lost money, became very discouraged and had lots of sleepless nights.

After taking Ron’s options classes, and following “The Rules,” things have been amazing. I grew my account from $100K to $452K in 3 ½ years! Most importantly, no more sleepless nights worrying about the opening bell the next day. I’ve always struggled with taking any kind of loss. Now, like a machine, I get out when the rules say to get out. It’s been a great run!

My wife and I are very involved with our church and other charities. The extra money comes in handy with helping others, visiting our children & grandchildren, and our travel. I feel very strongly about this program!” 

- Bruce H