Amazon Was No Surprise! VectorVest Saw It Coming!

Nobody Analyzes Stocks Like VectorVest VectorVest issued a SELL rating for AMZN on 1/20/22 at $3,033.35, with a Value of only $1,359.13 per share.   As of April 29, 2022, Amazon (AMZN) has plummeted from $3,033.25 to $2,483.00 since VectorVest's SELL rating on January 20, 2022. That’s an 18% loss in just over 3 months! [...]

Creative Destruction

It wasn’t a coincidence or happenstance that one day after I wrote last Friday’s essay about, (AMZN), Investor’s Business Daily, IBD, published a front page article entitled, “The Death of Retail.” Why did that happen? The common thread between VectorVest and IBD is that we publish information for stock investors, and one of the [...]

Flying High

Amazon, AMZN, hit an all-time intraday high of $923.72 per share on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. It became public on May 15, 1997 at $18.00 per share, $1.50 per share after three stock splits. That’s a gain of 61,481% in less than 20 years. What a ride! We can examine this amazing ride by looking [...]

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