Black Monday and The Black Swan

Monday, October 19, 1987, is a day I will never forget. The Mighty Dow crashed 508 points, 22.6%! It was a day of chaos and panic, but no surprise. I was test-marketing the VectorVest Stock Advisory at that time and our trustworthy VV DJIA warned us that the Dow was 19.4% overvalued when it closed [...]

Black Monday, 1987

Ten years ago I wrote an essay called, “Not Surprised.” The thrust of that essay was to let our subscribers know that Black Monday just didn’t happen as a random event. There were several serious problems with the market in 1987 and our indicators were making them apparent. For example, the market was overvalued. The [...]

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Not Surprised

Not  surprised. The media would have us believe that the “Crash of  ’87”  happened  like  a  bolt  out  of the blue. It didn’t.  Warning signs appeared months ahead. The  market was seriously overvalued when the mighty Dow closed at  2,709.5  on August 21, 1987. Our trustworthy VV-DJIA was at 2,184.3,  19.4%  below  the  Dow. Our  [...]

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