Ms Yellin Is Not Raising Rates in September

Once upon a time the only spokesperson for the Federal Reserve System was the Chairperson. Responding to a call for more transparency, former Chairman, Dr. Ben Bernanke, allowed the Fed’s communication policy to change. Now-a-days, Fed Governors and Presidents of Federal Reserve Banks can say whatever they want regarding matters related to the Fed. Unfortunately, [...]

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What Caused the Fed’s Reversal

If interest rates weren’t so important, I wouldn’t be writing about the Fed so often. But the Fed’s decisions affect all of us, each and every day. So here goes. The Fed held another Federal Open Market Committee, FOMC, meeting Tuesday and Wednesday, and their job was to decide what they wanted to do with [...]

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Tomorrow’s Paper

The Wall Street Journal ran a front page story yesterday headlined, “After Long Boom, Weaknesses Appear In Housing Market.” This is very interesting and important stuff, but one of the things I have learned as an investor is that by the time I read something in the paper, it’s too late to take advantage of [...]

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