Hottest Explosive Low Priced Stocks Flying Under the Radar | June Hot Stocks Panel

Well, folks, a new month means a new Hot Stock Panel! This month's theme will be “Explosive Low Priced Stocks” Everyone on YouTube is looking for the next breakout stock! Could these stocks fit the bill? We will talk about the company, why we like the stock, the best time to enter, and the best [...]

Fantastic Female Friday Twinterview – How to get back on track with your New Years Resolutions

Starting the new year off with another wonderful interview with SusanHayes_ via Twitter.  It was an insightful conversation about her newest episode of #FantasticFemaleFriday. Here’s a look at our latest interview [1:44 PM] Susan HayesCulleton In anticipation for our first ever #FantasticFemaleFridays of 2021, @VectorVest and I are just about to settle into a #Twinterview. [...]

Fantastic Female Fridays Twinterview -How to celebrate the small wins to Power up the big ones!

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview SusanHayes_ on Twitter.  It was a wonderful conversation about her newest episode of #FantasticFemaleFriday. Here's a look at our latest interview. @SusanHayes_, so wonderful to have you with us this morning. How did the last episode go?#FantasticFemaleFriday #SavvyWomenInvestors — VectorVest (@VectorVest) December 18, 2020 Wow! That's awesome! It's always good [...]

How to invest in a sector – Spotlight on Retail: Fantastic Female Fridays

How to invest in a sector - Spotlight on Retail was the topic of this Fantastic Female Fridays. We took to Twitter again and “Twinterviewed” Susan Hayes-Culleton, CFA, for her thoughts and insight on the matter. We have included the entire Twitter interview here and provided easy access to useful resources if you are interested [...]

Episode Recap: Fantastic Female Fridays “How to Talk to Your Partner About Money”

In this episode of #FantasticFemaleFridays, I spoke about "How to Talk to Your Partner About Money". The reason that I picked this particular theme is that I noticed two statistics from a survey done by Ameriprise Approximately 31% of all couples clash over their finances at least once a month.   73% of individuals have [...]

Build an Ultimate Retirement Portfolio: Here’s How

This post digs into the theories behind why a strong, income-generating retirement portfolio should be built around blue-chip dividend growth stocks.

Ultimate Retirement Solution: How to Generate Recurring Income from Your Investments

If you are making plans now for your retirement, the guidance we will present in Phoenix will teach you to protect your nest egg and generate steady income.

What’s in Charge of Your Portfolio?

Is it fear, your ego or your emotions? For many traders and investors, their emotions influence their trading which can often times have a negative impact on results. Learning to control emotions and be disciplined enough to create and use a strategy consistently, even through a losing streak.  A trader that is influenced by ego [...]

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