Mobile Release Notes

Version 1.17

A new update has been released for the iOS Stock Advisory App.

What’s New:

New Portfolios section in the app!

  • Track your live or paper portfolio in the Stock Advisory App
  • Get VectorVest’s Analysis of your holdings

    Holding Detail of stocks
    Click or tap image to enlarge
  • Track the performance of your portfolio

    Portfolio Details inside Stock Advisory app
    Click or tap image to enlarge
  • Paper trade to gain confidence in your trading

New multi-select in any stock List

Multi-Select stocks to a list
Click or tap image to enlarge.
  • Add multiple stocks to a WatchList at the same time
  • Add multiple stocks to a portfolio at the same time
  • Test a list of stocks to see how they perform going forward!
Track your portfolio on the go

One thought on “Version 1.17

  1. Hello.
    I am deaf. I can not hear audio.
    Does your videos has closed caption or subtitles?
    Will coach and I text messaging? How will your coach train me?
    Do your products will cover all Europe, USA, and Australia? Or just specific where I live?
    If I travel to outside of the USA for pleasure or business, will I be able to use the products to buy or sell?
    Does your products support penny stocks?
    I dont have experience in stock trading or investment, can I use demo for practice till I have confidence to do in real live?
    Can I use 7% loss to sell the stocks?
    Can I go to NC headquarter to learn more for courses? Do you have online courses?
    Thank you for your time and services.

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