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  • Analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs over 19,000 stocks for up to 41 parameters
  • Provides Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations on every stock, every day
  • Publishes clear, precise market timing signals & guidance
  • Scans and automatically graphs Support & Resistance levels
Only Super WatchDog:
  • Alerts you to new stocks found with a search when you are away from your computer
  • Adds searches to MACD and Support/Resistance to monitor, alert and docucment stock picks
  • Offers selectable alert sensitivity to dial in how many alerts you want
  • Frees you from your computer, so you can enjoy life while you manage your portfolio

Try both today for 30 days, only $29!

After the trial, your VectorVest RealTime with Super WatchDog subscription will continue for $228/month or $2,390/year.

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