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Only Super WatchDog:
  • Alerts you to new stocks returned in a search when you are away from your computer
  • Adds VectorVest searches to MACD and Support and Resistance scans to monitor, alert and document the stock picks you want to see
  • Provides the tools to test your live stock picks going forward with QuickFolio
  • Keeps an activity log, so you'll always know the exact Super Watchdog that alerted you to any stock, and its Trigger Price
  • Offers selectable alert sensitivity to dial in how many alerts you want
  • Eliminates looking through hundreds of charts for the setup you want, letting your computer do the work for you
  • Makes managing your portfolio easy
  • Frees you from your computer, so you can enjoy life and maintain control

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Super WatchDog is available for $99/month or $1,095/year.

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