VectorVest Release Notes

VectorVest 7 Version 1.47

Features in December Release

The holiday season is here and with it comes one of our most requested features, Earnings Release Dates!

Earnings Release Dates in Graphs

Earnings Release Dates are now visible on all stock graphs by clicking the Earnings button at the bottom-left corner of the graph. We have also overhauled the UI for Dividends to make them less intrusive on the graphs.

Earnings Release Dates in Graphs
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Event Viewer

The Dividends Viewer has been renamed the Event Viewer and can now display Dividend Ex Dates, Dividend Payout Dates, and Earnings Dates. This is the place to go to get a full list of upcoming Earnings Dates.

Event Viewer
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Earnings Release Dates in Unisearch

Earnings Release Dates are now available in any Unisearch search. To filter by upcoming Earnings Dates, choose Earnings Dates from the Capital Appreciation menu in Parameter.

Earnings release dates in Unisearch
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Earnings Release Dates in Holdings

The Portfolio Holdings grid can now display Earnings Dates by right-clicking the grid and adding Earnings Date to your layout. This will show the next upcoming Earnings Date for each holding in your portfolio.

Earnings Release Dates in Holdings
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Bug Fixes in December Release

  • Fixed BackTester Stop Criteria not displaying in non-EST time zones.
  • Fixed News Gadget from displaying strange text artifacts.
  • Fixed Top Items Gadget not persisting settings for Top RS Stocks.
  • Fixed Unisearch not displaying an error when the search failed.
  • Fixed Event Viewer not displaying data beyond 2020.
  • Fixed Europe Confirmed Calls rules describing MTI instead of BSR.

You will be automatically prompted to install the update in the next few days upon logging in to the VectorVest 7 program.

If you experience any issues updating, you can re-download the installation files here:

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help. Our customer support representatives are available to help you Monday – Friday from 7am ET to 11pm ET and Saturday from 9am ET to 5pm ET. Call us toll-free at 1-888-658-7638 or send us an email at

Submit your improvement requests! Help our developers pick which features to work on next at our Feedback site. We read every idea that comes in, so check it out!

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32 thoughts on “VectorVest 7 Version 1.47

  1. Tim,
    This looks like a great update. Thank you for integrating Earnings dates so completely.

    Graphs, Unisearch, Portfolio’s all great!!

    Thank you again.

  2. The updates (earnings & dividend release dates) are very useful. I am happy to note that VV is continuing to upgrade its already awesome service. Much appreciated!!!!!

  3. I greatly appreciate this change as the earnings date is a very important piece of information that I rely on when deciding buying stocks as it is very risky to buy before the earnings dates.

    As an extension of this enhancement, could you please incorporate this change into the “My Watchlists” like it was done in the Portfolios?

  4. Really hope someday you will integrate % of portfolio stats as a field (column) choice in the portfolio report section. I requested it formally in the wish list section of the website aa very long time ago. Seems like it would be a simple, quick improvement.

  5. Thank you for this update making available Earnings Dates and Dividend Ex. Dates!! These dates do enter into my decision as to when to buy and sell stocks, and setting Expiration Dates on option transactions. It is very convenient now to have them included in my VV analysis.

    Merry Christmas to my friend, Steve Johnson, and to all of you at VectorVest. May you have a prosperous 2020!

  6. Thank you these are good updates.

    Can you please explain why we cannot separate dividends from the stock appreciation to establish the impact of dividend returns on a stock’s overall ROI. This would be of great assistance in selecting stocks. The data is there it is just a matter of identifying the relative impact of capital growth and dividend contributions to the overall ROI of a stock.

  7. Thank you for this up date. No more going somewhere else to find Earnings dates. Going to save a lot of time. What about adding options in the portfolios.
    Great job developers

  8. Not sure how you “track your portfolio in this software? Can you put in the buy price someplace and number of shares or option position. I am totally unaware of where that is or maybe I am just reading the release notes wrong?

  9. Are the earning dates confirmed or non-confirmed? Would it be noted as such? Steps in the right direction, job well done!

  10. A fantastic idea, but not working in Australia – full of bugs.
    Events Viewer date range (for example) set for Dec19, shows 2010 data.
    UniSearch Stock Earnings Date range not working

  11. Thank you for the awesome update, you are right, we have been asking for the Earnings Date to be on our VV program for years.

  12. Thanks for including the dividends markers on the timing chart.

    Just to point out, these are all history and of very little use when planning trades the would go into near future. For example, in trading options, future Xd and Pd dates are really what is needed. Hopefully your future updates will extend these markers on timing chart into near future.

    Many thanks.

  13. All program updates for over the past 15 years I have found to be improvements and all V V staff I have contacted over this period including the very top to bottom have been most understanding and helpful. The more I understood iinvesting and trading, the more I appreciate the program, what it provides and.and the time it saves me..

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