VectorVest Testimonials

What people are saying about VectorVest.
VectorVest Testimonial
I had $50,000 worth of gains and paid off the mortgage on my house. It was the best call I've ever had and I have been a VectorVest Subscriber ever since."
VectorVest Testimonial
I love it! I love this program and I just don't use anything else anymore."
Tom S.
As a retired exec from the investment game, I've seen a lot of presentations. This one of yours by Dan M. was one of the best I've ever seen. Excellent! Thanks

BTW, I have real money in the (Sure-Fire Success Trading System) portfolio w/ goal of hitting a 25% return in 2013. On track today w/ 24.28% to date . MU hit its 50% stop on Friday."

- Tom S. | Scottsdale, AZ
I’ve used it for almost 20 years and find it to be incredible helpful. It’s like a friend."
- Peter S. | Wilmington, NC
VectorVest Testimonial
Four months ago, I retired three years early from my career as a cardiac nurse and I owe that to VectorVest."
VectorVest Testimonial
These people are doing all the testing, they have a scientific approach and their success rate is over 95%. I don't have to worry, just follow the pattern, follow the procedures, follow the protocols. It's scientific, that's all I can tell you."
I have been investing on my own for about 20 years and VectorVest has finally given me the tools where I feel I am in control. Delighted!!"
- Rod A. | Ottawa, Ont.
VectorVest Testimonial
I've been with VectorVest for 3 years and it's such a great company, they have really helped my trading. My first instructor when I took some stock market classes told me he wanted me to make my annual income my monthly income. Well, I have done that this year and I have also done it on a weekly basis. So I am really ecstatic about VectorVest."
VectorVest Testimonial
After using VectorVest for 6 months, I'm up 58%."
Steve T.
I've been with VectorVest since 2008. VectorVest is a great tool to understand the overall trend and health of the market, and then to identify specific stocks and ETFs based on where we are in the market cycle. There are hundreds of strategies that help you in either bull or bear markets...or you can make your own searches based on your particular investment style. It's awesome."

- Steve T. | Oakville, Ont.
VectorVest Testimonial
It actually shows me things where I'm intrigued, I'm interested, and it's very easy to use, without a doubt."
VectorVest Testimonial
VectorVest has helped me preserve money, and also make it."
David L.
I have been investing using the Midas Touch strategy since you first introduced it on 12/31/2009. During that time it has made enough money for me to pay, several times over, for my VV monthly subscriptions and seminar attendances. Thank you!"

- David L. | Naples, FL
VectorVest Testimonial
VectorVest helps you know when to buy, when to sell, when to hold and if you follow their instructions, you'll do pretty well."
VectorVest Testimonial
VectorVest is very easy to learn and to use."
George J.
Thanks for a great introduction - I am an absolute beginner in this activity, so this has been very helpful. Member two months."

- George J. | Camas Valley, OR
VectorVest Testimonial
During the last two years, I've searched for something better. And I haven't found it."
VectorVest Testimonial
I've now been using their service for a one-year period and I've found it very beneficial, excellent service."
Dave W.
I have subscribed to many stock selection services in the past. Vectorvest is the only one I use now. It's market timing indicator and evaluation model gives me the information to know when to buy and sell. I highly recommend it!"

- Dave W. | Comox, BC
VectorVest Testimonial
I use VectorVest at least four times a week."
VectorVest Testimonial
I have been with VectorVest for almost eight years. It's probably the best product on the market to do your analysis and give you unbiased information about the stocks that you want to trade."
Robert P.
When I work with VectorVest, I make money. When I ignore its advice, I don't. It's really that simple."

- Robert P. | Montreal, Quebec
VectorVest Testimonial
I use VectorVest everyday because I can find out exactly where my portfolio is at, whether I should be buying, holding or selling."
VectorVest Testimonial
I was up 44% and all I did was buy when the stock was green and sell when it was red."
Tuan N.
I have used VectorVest 7 to help my stock trading for almost a year, I love the system because it has really navigated me where to go and when to stop, or turn, in the middle of the huge ocean of the Stock market."

- Tuan N. | Portland, Ore.
VectorVest Testimonial
I have been using VectorVest for four years and I like it a lot. It's very logical and being an engineer I feel a natural attraction towards it."
VectorVest Testimonial
I find vectorvest easy to use."
WONDERFUL INFORMATION. Easy to use. Great resource material.."
- A.T. | Islip, NY
VectorVest Testimonial
I have been a VectorVest user for 9 years. Over that period of time I have purchased every program they have offered and I have attended every training session at least once, some of them twice. I found them very very beneficial. I've made money with VectorVest."
VectorVest Testimonial
It worked the first time I used it and it paid for the system...for the yearly fee. I've got RealTime. I made about $1280 on my first trade."
Prior to becoming a VECTORVEST user I had my money with an RBC broker. He never called when my principle went down almost 60% in 2008. I took what I had left and studied VV. Now, I am confident I can stay informed and make better decisions than the broker. My education is getting better with your help and I am now 14% above where I put my trust in the broker. I don't mean to dump on the whole industry but there are very few who can do (care?) what VV can do for those who study, stick to a plan and enjoy the thrill of making your own decisions."
- Rick K. | Saskatoon, SK
VectorVest Testimonial
Yes...investing is fun! I look forward to Fridays when Dr. DiLiddo puts out his Friday essay and what he sees in the market. The man has insights that I don't think I've found anywhere else. I just upgraded to VectorVest RealTime, which I think is a dynamite product."
VectorVest Testimonial
I've used VectorVest for over 15 years and I bet I don't use 80% of the things in it...its all geared to what you want to do. I mean, how much time you want to spend. You can spend as little as 15 minutes a day or up to 6 or 8 hours a day. As you become more familiar with VectorVest its less and less time."
I have been using VV for a year and a half and just love it. Great company. Everyone is helpful and really great!!"
- T.K. | Oswego, Il
VectorVest Testimonial
I love VectorVest. I wish I'd gotten into it sooner. If someone isn't in it now, they should check it out."
Paul B.
Fantastic product, fantastic service. I've been trading for 13 years and have never come across ANYTHING like it before. It's so reasonably priced too. It's paid for itself many times over. I would recommend it to everyone."

- Paul B. | Wiltshire, UK
Julia S.
I don't even start trading till I read what VV thinks about it. The best program ever"

- Julia S. | Metamora, OH
Neal A.
As I told late last year, that I was planning to retire, well, finally it happened, I am officially retired since Feb/1st this year, and VectorVest was a big factor in making my decision.

For the last two years I have made good returns on my both US & Canadian Portfolios.
  1. On the US Portfolio, I have averaged about 40% ARR using the the S&P500 Sure fire success and the Chairman Choice Portfolios.
  2. On the Canadian Portfolios (RRSP, TSFA, and Non Registered), I had about 16% combined ARR using : High VST+YSG Stocks, MPD, and Cherry Picking (Stocks & ELF’s).
I am lucky to have Defined Benefit Pension Plan, combined with Dividend Income, Covered Call Writing, and small portion of my Capital Gains, I am paying myself the same Salary as Pre-Retirement.

Thanks to you and VectorVest, I have realized my dreams of early retirement and on the way to Financial Freedom.

Last week I attended the Trading as a Business Workshop in Cornelius, it was great opportunity to meet the people at VectorVest and start thinking and focusing on my Investment as Business.”

– Neal A. | Cambridge, ON Canada
I have been using VectorVest for 2 weeks and my losses have stopped and my portfolio is up 16%. All holdings are in the green, thank you so much…”
– Ben T. | Sturtevant, WI
I have converted my RRSP portfolio to primarily dividends using your earlier stock selection tips—up about 12% since the summer.”
– Gerry N. | Victoria, BC Canada
A Trupp
I’ve used Vector for 10+ years and over that time the evolution of the software is dramatic. The current system, Vvest 7 is truly their most efficient, most advanced, most innovative program. What’s more is that it’s actually easy to learn, quick to respond, and in the scheme of all things being equal, it’s one of the best priced financial software systems available. Recommend it? Yes, highly.”

– A Trupp | Asheville, NC
I have been using VV for 5+ years, with success. I still lose money, but on ‘flyers’ outside the VV orbit.”
– D. L. | Ottawa, ON Canada
I recently used the Marathon search that was a SOTW [Strategy of the Week] a few weeks ago and made a 4.5% profit in a little over a month.”
– D. B. | Fishers, IN
I am up just over 20% in the time I have been using your system. Very Happy.”
– R. L. | Atlanta, GA
…I am up 10.17% in 8 days!! How about that for results. It just keeps getting better and better…

My friends and I are up over 10% since we attended the Denver 2 day seminar.”
– T. H. | Fenton, MI
After 10 years away, I am now coming back to VectorVest. I just finished 3 webinars and will continue them indefinitely. I find it very easy and am sorry I left.”
– Ron F. | Leland, NC
Before VV I was investing with limited know-how of the market or the companies in which I was placing my money. The knowledge and diligence of staff and the power of the VV software has armed me with excellent tools. My portfolios are making money and permitting me to realize my goals.

I’m making money and all is going well, thanks to Vector Vest…”
– Peter A. | Kanata, ON Canada
I am a very happy subscriber to VectorVest and continue to recommend it to my friends and members of my family. …I wouldn’t be as confident in my ability to respond to market conditions and make buy, hold or sell decisions, if it were not for VectorVest…I never make a trade without using the tools within VectorVest.”
– Marvin H. | King City, ON Canada
Actually I started using VV this year and followed the advice to buy AAL when VV said so, and made a very nice trade and received a 23% profit.”
– Alan S. | Toronto, ON Canada
Ed H.
Up 24.31% as of today (since 27/01/14) and all current 10 stocks’ ROI are in the green.”

– Ed H. | Thamesford, ON Canada
…Your recent weekly seminars starting with what kind of investor are you in Sept. and more recently your rising industries and delta searches have helped me increase my returns. Your great call on Sept. 19th got me into cash and now I am fully invested again after the green light in Oct… I am very pleased with your advice especially since I am averaging better than 12% returns.”
– O.C. | Lively, ON