…Exactly When to Buy, What to Buy and When to Sell for Maximum Profit!

VectorVest’s Top VST Stocks returned 81.18% over the last year, with just a 7.2% maximum drawdown. Only VectorVest’s combination of top quality stocks and superior market timing can produce such high returns and low drawdown in a volatile market!

Dr. DiLiddo


VectorVest is designed to bring the “best” stocks to your attention with a single click or tap. The “best” stocks are those ranked highest by VST-Vector—they have the best combination of Value, Safety and Timing.


— Dr. Bart DiLiddo—Creator of VectorVest


Say Goodbye to Risky Stock Picks…

  • 81.18% gain over the last year
  • Trading only the best combination of Value, Safety and Timing
  • Only a 7.20% Max Drawdown with VectorVest Market Timing

Here is a portfolio that should interest any “Safety-Minded” investor. Why? Because, these stocks had to meet a demanding set of “Value-Safety-Timing” criteria BEFORE they qualify to be a top VST Stock.

These Premier Stocks have extraordinary fundamentals and timing… in forecasted earnings, earnings growth rates, upside potential, price trend and ability to resist severe price declines—what we call the “Comfort Index.”

The Stocks are in the 99th percentile regarding overall quality…

They literally are in the 99th percentile regarding quality for our entire US database of 8,697 stocks. And, it’s because of this QUALITY that they can withstand severe and / or lengthy price declines which the average stock cannot. They also can explode in price…

Here’s some short-term winners:

  • Digital Turbine (APPS) Gained 75.26% in 11 days!
  • Corsair Gaming (CRSR) Up 61.14% in 13 days!
  • Fulgent Genetics (FLGT) Soaring 58.15% in 20 days!
  • Jinkosolar (JKS) Exploding 60.66% in 13 days!


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Next, you’ll get VectorVest’s proprietary Market Timing Systems. There is one for every style of investor. They are your KEY TO CONSISTENT PROFITS. They tell you exactly when to buy and when to sell. Some even identify a ‘Neutral’ signal, when you should not replace positions as they are stopped out.

Then, we added the “ProfitLocker” Stop. Only VectorVest offers this new, smart stop that locks in profits by adjusting itself to the price action of the stock. You set a profit target and a maximum loss, and let it go to work. It adapts for you. Amazing!

Any stock that hits the ProfitLocker Stop is sold and replaced with a current pick from the strategy you selected—if the timing system says it’s OK to Buy. If not, the stock is not replaced until it’s OK to Buy. Again, the trading system is adapting to the market conditions for you. Amazing!

Does your trading system adapt to the market?

Of course, you have smart money management working for you… Your portfolio can be limited to a selectable number of stocks per industry or sector, to assure you are diversified. This, along with the high level of stock quality allows the portfolio to sail through troubled waters.

This is important, because we only want the highest quality picks in each industry.

And, if you look at the chart again, yes, it went up by 81.18%… the drawdown was only 7.20% for the entire period. That’s not bad for a volatile year.

Let others invest based on tips, hunches, and guesswork. VectorVest lets you take the emotion and risk out of your stock picks because it’s all based on mathematical formulas that alert you to stock QUALITY and Market Timing. And… This is important: VectorVest tells you when it’s time to BUY, SELL or HOLD.


It’s time to get serious about your retirement… your future. And, the only way to ensure you have a good retirement is to “KEEP MAKING MONEY.” Here’s great news—that’s what VectorVest is all about. Stop what you’re doing and let’s get you started making the kind of money you can really use in the years ahead.

Say “Goodbye” to risky stock picks, and say “Hello” to a growing portfolio that lets you sleep well at night. Because you deserve it…


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Here’s what our customers say…

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Great profits so far!

“I don’t normally like an app enough to write a review, but VectorVest deserves a lot of credit. I signed up for a free trial of their premium service and have now kept it for the $20 monthly fee. It’s worth it because I’ve already made more than that in profits off of their rating system…”

—Shariya A.


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Use this before buying any stock…

“VectorVest is my first stop when buying any stock or stock option. It’s proprietary system tells when you should buy, hold, or sell any stock. Be sure to study its VST (Value, Safety, and Timing) system to get the most out of the program. It also gives you the market timing in general, when it is safe to jump in or time to start getting defensive.”

—Linda P.


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I finally found a resource that helps…

“I finally found a resource that helps cut through the noise and simplify my stock picking and timing.”

— J.B.


For more consistent, profitable investing,

David Thornton
Director of Sales and Marketing
VectorVest, Inc.


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