28 07, 2023

Market Timing Mutual Funds: How to Set Yourself up For Success With VectorVest

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In the realm of investing, knowledge is power. It's the difference between feeling like you're blindly throwing darts at a dartboard, hoping for a bullseye, and stepping up to the line with a calculated aim and practiced throw.  That's why you're here seeking guidance on the intriguing concept of market timing mutual funds - an [...]

12 06, 2023

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: A Quick Primer

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by Leslie N. Masonson, MBA Mutual funds have been around for over 100 years, while the first ETF was born only 30 years ago. Most of the former were set-up as active funds (requiring active portfolio management) with accompanying high expenses, but eventually no-load passively managed index funds were offered, as investors balked at [...]

24 05, 2023

Are ETFs for You? Find Out in Our New Blog Series Covering Exchange-Traded Funds from All Angles

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By Leslie N. Masonson, MBA Two of the most significant events in the investment world over the past century, which have had a positive impact on everyday investors, were the introduction of the first mutual fund, MFS Massachusetts Investors Fund, in 1924, and the launch of the first exchange-traded fund (ETF), SPDR S&P 500 [...]

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