Download an updateVersion 1.32

Summer is nearly here and so is the next VectorVest 7 update! This updates adds some new features to the Portfolio Genius (available in Paper Portfolios and RoboTrader!)

Purchasing Window

The new Purchasing Window setting allows you to setup your Portfolio Genius to purchase stocks only during specified times. Want to wait till 10 AM before buying new positions? Purchasing Window can do this for you. The Purchasing Window setting is in the Market Timing tab of the Edit Trading System screen. Purchasing Window is only available to RealTime data subscriptions.

Close All Holdings Daily

With the new Purchasing Window setting, you can have Portfolio Genius automatically close all your open positions every day. To use this feature, activate the Purchasing Window setting and select “Close All Holdings at End of Purchasing Window.” The close point of the Purchasing Window must be set to a time before the market closes to use this feature.

Fill From Derby – Sort Order

Fill from Derby allows the Portfolio Genius to purchase new positions from the Derby instead of a single search. With the new Sort Order settings, you can decide if Portfolio Genius should sort the stocks by ROI or the sort order of the underlying search. The sort order setting is at the bottom of the Fill From Derby settings in the Edit Trading System dialog.

Other Changes

  • Custom Fields with a zero divisor no longer cause graphs to error.
  • Split Ratio is now supported in Custom Fields.
  • Trade Now removed from Market Index Viewer.
  • Partially Filled orders can now be cancelled from TradeNow.
  • Improved app stability & performance.

You will be automatically prompted to install the update in the next few days upon logging in to the VectorVest 7 program.

If you experience any issues updating, you can re-download the installation files here:

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