How it Works

WatchDog is a monitoring, alerting and documentation tool that analyzes pricing data, tick-by-tick, for the stocks you select to see if a price has met specific MACD or Support/Resistance criteria. It does all of this in a matter of milliseconds, whether or not you have VectorVest open, even when you’re on the golf course!

WatchDog is included FREE with VectorVest Premium. It is also available for a one-time fee of $495 with VectorVest Enhanced.

Two Watchdog Types

Both MACD Crossovers and Support & Resistance are available. Point-and-click setup walks you through three simple steps, with selectable filters including VectorVest’s WatchLists or your own. Selectable alert sensitivity allows you to dial in how many alerts you want. Turn Watchdogs off and on as you require. The Support & Resistance Watchdog allows you to select the number of touches with price nearing, retracing from or breaking support & resistance by a defined percentage.

Imagine the Possibilities

No more looking through hundreds of charts for today’s trades. With the Watchdog, VectorVest does all the work for you. Use VectorVest’s built-in strategies or your own to create WatchLists, then put the Watchdog to work to determine when to pull the trigger for these stocks. Test your Watchdogs in real-time by building portfolios of the stocks triggered and view the results with a few clicks.


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