VectorVest Mobile

The Pulse of the Market at Your Fingertips
VectorVest Mobile offers real-time Stock Analysis and Portfolio Management for active traders on the go. Instantly receive Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations on your stocks. VectorVest Mobile places precise up-to-the minute market direction analysis and powerful stock research at your fingertips. It is included FREE of charge with a VectorVest 7 U.S. RealTime or IntraDay subscription.
Available on the iPhone App Store
Free Application, Click here to download
Android Coming Soon
All the tools you need to time the market correctly. This is the VectorVest Mobile homescreen.
  • Market Timing Gauge - Displays the current status of the VectorVest Color Guard.
  • Color Guard - Accurately describes direction and strength of the market daily.
  • Advances / Declines - Displays the number of securities advancing or declining daily.
  • VectorVest at a Glance - Number and percentage of buy and sell ratings.
  • VVC Graph - Price performance of the VectorVest Composite.
WatchLists are selected lists of stocks that are sub-sets of the VectorVest U.S. database. You can create your own WatchLists of stocks that you own or want to follow, or take advantage of the VectorVest pre-defined WatchList of top VST stocks. In either case, WatchLists hold the key to many exciting and profitable strategies. VectorVest Mobile allows you the comfort of knowing you can track these WatchLists at any time, from your iOS device.
Track Multiple Portfolios in Real-Time created with built-in VectorVest strategies, created manually or based on your own custom strategies. VectorVest 7 Portfolio Manager provides the tools you need to analyze your portfolio’s performance. Set Portfolio Automation rules and custom Alerts for automatic transactions and to provide notification of your stop-losses. Keep up with any Porfolio you create in VectorVest 7 on your iOS device at any time with VectorVest Mobile.
The VectorVest Views is a daily newsletter designed to keep you abreast of the market. Here VectorVest provides a commentary on the market, identifies the market’s direction and describes what you should be doing to take best advantage of the market condition. Read the daily Newsletter and watch the Daily Color Guard Report anywhere, anytime on your iOS device.

VECTORVEST 7 U.S. RealTime and IntraDay SUBSCRIBERS– Simply download the app and login. There is no additional cost involved. As a VectorVest subscriber you can:

  • Monitor Critical Market Timing Indicators.
  • Create, view and modify your WatchLists.
  • Watch your Portfolios throughout the day.
  • Analyze and graph any stock at any time.
  • Read the VectorVest Views for daily stock market guidance.
  • View Daily ColorGuard Report and Strategy of the Week videos.

NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Analyze any stock free. Get a ticking stock analysis updated on a 15-minute delay based on seven proprietary indicators. Simply rotate your phone to fill the display with a ticking stock chart viewable as a candlestick or area chart with multiple time frames from one day to five years.

  • Analyze any stock Free!
  • Get ticking stock analyses based on 7 proprietary indicators only available with VectorVest.
  • Rotate your phone for a ticking candlestick or area stock chart with multiple time frames.