10 02, 2024

How to Find Falling Stocks to Buy Today

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While many view stocks falling as red flags to avoid, others view them as hidden gems, ripe for the picking. These declining stocks can be undervalued assets on the verge of a rebound, offering savvy investors a chance to maximize profits. However, the risk of 'catching a falling knife' - investing in stocks that continue [...]

5 08, 2023

Can You Buy and Sell Stock on the Same Day?

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Picture this: you wake up early one morning and find a golden opportunity - a stock is poised to pop and you get in early. Within an hour, it’s climbed 30% - and you’re ready to take your profits and run. But wait…can you buy and sell stock on the same day?  You might have [...]

11 10, 2022

Investing After Retirement: Where is the Best Place to Put Your Retirement Money?

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So you've worked your whole life to build a sizeable, comfortable retirement account. And you've finally made it - you're officially retired. Now comes the fun part - at least, if you've done a good job preparing for retirement! However, retirement also creates much uncertainty for individuals. What will you do with all your [...]

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