What Are Stock Options and How Do They Work?

What are stock options and how do they work? Whether you're simply looking to invest in the stock market or the company you work for offered you employee stock options - gaining an understanding of stock options will help you identify good opportunities and stay away from bad ones. Simply put, stock options give you [...]

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How Are Stock Options Taxed When Sold or Exercised?

Nobody loves tax season. It's complicated and it usually means it is time to cut a check on the money you’ve worked hard to earn. Once you start making income through the stock market on top of your other income, it becomes even more convoluted. One common question we get in particular is - how [...]

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How to Identify the Right Stocks for Your Option Income Trades

Generating income in retirement is massively important but many people struggle when it comes to finding the right stocks. Maybe you do as well. Sometimes it can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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