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Henry the Huckster

CNBC reported today that Mr. Henry Blodget, Merrill Lynch & Co.’s Internet stock analyst, was in arbitration regarding his bullish recommendations on InfoSpace. This stock peaked at $138.50 on March 3, 2000 and now trades around $3.75. You may recall that Mr. Blodget, a little known analyst at CIBC Oppenheimer, made his mark, back in […]

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Not Surprised

Not  surprised. The media would have us believe that the “Crash of  ’87”  happened  like  a  bolt  out  of the blue. It didn’t.  Warning signs appeared months ahead. The  market was seriously overvalued when the mighty Dow closed at  2,709.5  on August 21, 1987. Our trustworthy VV-DJIA was at 2,184.3,  19.4%  below  the  Dow. Our  […]

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